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Dimmu Borgir - Progenies of the great apocalypse ( 3°Gif )

aleluia acabei com os 3 gifs dec clip do Dimmu Borgir

bom nao tenho nada pra fala nao vou no show do pearl jam pq nao curto mto e nao qero i memo...

intaum é esso ae flw pra todos...


-Dimmu Borgir - Progenies of The Great Apocalypse-

The battle raged on and on

Fuelled by the venom of hatred for man

Consistently, without the eyes to see

By those who revel in sewer equally

We, the prosperity of the future seal

Cloaked by the thunders of the north wind

Born to capture the essence of

The trails of our kind

Zero tolerance must be issued forth

Behind the enemy's line

So it shall be written

And so it shall be done

(repeat 1st and 2nd verse)

Discover and conceive the secret wealth

And pass it unto your breed

Become your own congregation

Measure the sovereignty of it's invigoration

We, who not deny the animal of our nature

We, who yearn to preserve liberation

We, who face darkness in our hearts with a solemn fire

We, who aspire the truth and pursue it's strength

Are we not the undisputed prodigy of warfare

Fearing all the mediocrity that they possess

Should we not hunt the bastards down with our might

Reinforce and claim the throne that is rightfully ours

Consider the god we could be without the grace

Once and for all

Diminish the sub principle and leave it's toxic trace

Once and for all


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