27/02/06 - 15h:41mDenunciar


Thats is a friend´s dog(perro)... hauahuahuauaha!!!Thats is a funny one...I think everybody saw, now I am post pictures from USA and Brasil!!!

That was the day before yesterday... and I slept out... in my friend´s home...today I will see AP!!!She had some bad things in the last months... but now I am back... 3 things we need to do everyday: Think, Laught and Cry!!!!

Sometimes life is not fear, actually who told me that was a lady who used to play soccer with me...

But now is like I used to think, I begin make my way, and things will happen!!!!

I will be back there... someday...

see ya...

Comentários (3)

1. ladydt 27/02/2006 - 17h19m

Esse cachorro é do capeta! 0.0
to com medo!

2. jackieprog 27/02/2006 - 18h36m

esse cachorro aí sinistro

3. Picaflor 28/02/2006 - 00h02m

Perro, haha

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