18/10/05 - 15h:23mDenunciar

Champagne to toast to a meeting

with you that you were already of another

you remember c´era an invitation

tonight it is gone all my home.

This way the party started

and head already turned you

for me the others didn't count

I followed with the alone look you.

If you want I accompany you if you want

the most banal excuse to be alone you and I

and then to throw away the because to love you as is

the first time l´ultima.

Champagne for a dessert secret

for us a forbidden love

by now a glass stays only

and a memory to be thrown away.

I know him/it you look me I know him/it

a madness seems to me

to toast only without company

but me, I have to celebrate

the end of a love

waiter champagne....

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1. flaviavale 18/10/2005 - 17h12m

e ai prima pow tu ta sumida ate do meu flog!!! :(
poxa ve se da noticias!!!

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