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Foto tirada ontem antes d irmos p/ a "RESUMO 51"...Mto bom ontem, tirando apenas o incidente do pneu...ninguém merece trokr pneu!!!....hauahauhaua..musikinha (só vou tirar a parte do rap...):


Destiny's Child

(Beyonce in between his ryhmes)

I want a soldier

I gotta soldier


We like dem boys that be in dem ‘lacs leaning, leaning

Open they mouth they grill gleaming ,gleaming

Candy paint keep that wheel clean, clean

and always be talking that country slang we like

we keep that beat that be in the back beating, beating

eyes be so slow from the chief ’n ,chief ‘n

I love how he keep my body screamin’ screamin’

A rude boy that’s good to me with street credibility


If his status ain’t hood I aint checking for him

better be street if he looking at me I need a soldier

and he’s gotta stand up for me

known to carry big things if you know what I mean

If his status ain’t hood I ain’t checking for him

Better be street if he looking at me

I need a soldier and he’s gotta stand up for me

Gotta know to get dough and he better be street


We like them boys up top from the BK, BK

know how to flip that money 3 ways , 3 ways

Always riding big on the freeway, freeway

With that east coast slang that us country girls we like

Low cut ceasars with the deep wave, deep wave

so quick to snatch up your Beyonce, Beyonce

Always coming down bopping our way, our way

Telling us that country girls the kinda girls they like



I like them boys over there

they looking strong tonight, strong tonight

Just might give one the phone tonight, phone tonight

Homies and the dickies in my zone tonight, zone tonight

he don’t know it might be on tonight

ohhh he looking good and he talking right, talking right

he they type that might change my life, change my life

Every time he look at me my girls be like, girls be like

that one may be the one tonight

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