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Guiliano Ciarelli...mto gatoooo!!!!!

Maior tempão s/postar...Toh s/ foto...vai essa mesmo..S/ comentários sobre este homem..mto gatoooo..pena q jah saiu... Amanhã geral d volta ás aulas, menos eu!!! hauahuahuaha...musik nova dos BACKSTREET BOYS...LINDAAAA...BJAUM PRA TODO MUNDO Q COMENTA KI..VLW!!!

Beautiful Woman

How can I begin to tell you what to do to?

Me everytime I hear ya more willin' to wanna see ya

I know that there's no use in tryin' to explain the confusion

But still I'm not complainin' 'bout my situation

Let's not talk about a possible ending

The very first time I was lookin' to be your fella

I found my inspiration hidin' in your expression

And so I put myself on foward for you consideration

Let's not talk about a possible ending

Let's not think about it everyday

And I know I'm so in love with you

I'm findin' it harder and harder to breathe

Everytime I'm near my beautiful woman

And so we put the top down

To take you drivin' downtown

I guess we'll know just what to do

When you're lookin' to fool around

It's too late to stop me

I know we're gonna get down

My beautiful woman

My beautiful woman

My beautiful woman

B is for beautiful as the sunshine

E tells me everything is feelin' alright

A goes to you and me swingin' it down

T is two

I want you

You've got me actin' like a fool

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