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piece of me ;*

[You, doing that thing you do

breaking my heart into a million pieces

like you always do

and you, don't mean to be cruel

you never even knew about the heartache

i've been going through

well, I try and try to forget you "boy"

but it 's just so hard to do

every time you do that thing you do

I know all the games you play

and I'm gonna find a way to let you know that

you'll be mine someday....

'cause we, could be happy can't you see

if you only let me be the one to hold you

and keep you here with me

'cause It hurts me so just to see you go

around it with someone new

and if i know you you're doing that thing,

every day you just do that thing

I can't take you doing that thing you do]

Diazinho legal....

praia + filme + lagoa + mc...

altas besteiras hj...ri d+++ ;)

algumas coisas ainda me deixando triste ;/

fotin tirada no carro...volta da praia...

;* especial pra Carolzinha q ajudou a escolher a fotin...pra Lulu q tah me pertubando aki.. ;D

;**** a todosss...


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