25/06/07 - 00h:12mDenunciar

Mais uma fotinha de Test Server que eu tirei! :D

Hunt de Demon com 30 pessoas, lol!

Galera, já tenho o resultado da ultima pergunta e de tarde ou a noite eu darei...

E como curiosidade aqui vai as últimas palavras ditas por Craban a respeito do update e das perguntas feitas:

* Why not just reduce spell damage instead of doing this formula thing?

Well the answer to this question is very simple: Reducing the damage of the spells would hit ALL mages using those spells. However, we balanced mages from Level 0-50 last time and what came out there was very good in our eyes. We do not want to reduce their damage at all. We do however want to reduce the damage of the high level mages significantly. That cannot be done without affecting the good low and mid levels if we only reduce the spell damage as such. The problem was not the overall damage of mages, the problem was the curve with which the mages damage rises. The beginning of the curve is good as it is, but the end of the curve is way too steep now.

* Removed rune damage for Paladins.

I repeat one more time: The balancing is not over yet. We will continue and in the next round, pay special attention to druids and paladins, but we have plans currently that will again affect ALL vocations and actually, very likely all to the better. Now imagine we had left the mages as they are and then introduced something next time to make them even better, we would again boost an already too high curve. I cannot tell you more except to wait and see.

* What can I do with an Assassin Star?

The advantage is that you can indeed heal while using it. You also save a lot of time not having to hit a key for every shot, and yes, you can still combine that with an SD. That is of course expensive, but loosing a battle is still more expensive than spending that money to win.

* PVP is dead?

Another of those reoccuring statements every year. Well, again, yes, PVP will change, but no, it is not dead. Yes, wars will become even more expensive. Maybe that will lead to wars being lead more carefully in the future and I expect it to be over more quickly because some party will simply run out of cash at some point before the other. This may be negative to you, but it can also be seen as a huge advantage.

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