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Christmas Update 2004

The testing period is finally over and we are proud to present this year's Christmas update.

Please excuse the current downtime of all game worlds and the website due to the update. The update will be finished around 22:00 CET.

Meanwhile enjoy this little update teaser:

New dungeons and quests on the continent of Darama are waiting to be explored by the brave adventurer. Beware, however, because randomly appearing monster hordes might cross your way! New graphics and items have been added and your private houses will especially benefit from the new colourful tapestries, pillows and other numerous objects. Also, many widely anticipated features are now also introduced in this update. Free players will especially enjoy the new login queue which gives them an equal chance to log in. Also the eagerly awaited skill bars and a permanent ignore list have been added.

See you in Tibia!

Your CipSoft Team

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