07/05/06 - 18h:51mDenunciar

Hj eu toh meio gótico!!!

porra num sei pq eu me amarro nessa merda de foto!!!

Ela eh muito show!!!

Forgotten Tales - Sanctuary

Is there a place on earth

Where men could leave in peace.

With no frontier to fight for,

No treasure to keep.

I imagine a wealthy land

Feeding men 'till the end of times.

It seems so unreal,

Once I see it , it all disappear.

This land in my head, we'll find it one day.

Even it takes eternity.

This land in my dreams, we could reach all together.

And so it will become... our sanctuary.

There must be some countries

Where violence doesn't exists

A nation of true freedom

Never been controlled by kings.

My friends follow me on this land

To breathe the air of liberty

I know we're so close this time

I can feel it under my skin.

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