25/02/06 - 00h:51mDenunciar

Thanks every thing

I promise post pictures with texts in english and portuguese...Actually I ll do only in english... If you understand english.. thats good, If you don´t... WHO CARE´S???? hauhauahuahauha!!!!

Today I had conversations with great persons, and I am here to thanks everybody for everything!!!!

Today I begin make plans to my life here...

Maybe I ll teacher english for childrens, go to my college... and come back pretty soon to the US!!!

I am not angry with someone... I am sure, in the future All those people will understand, all those things happens thats enought...

Have some persons thats I should talk more... I have to finish my conversation with someones!

But is that!!!!

Remember, I am not the onlyone who get a lesson, have more persons who get too!!!

Give me a !!!!V!!!! Give me a !!!! I !!!! Give me a !!!!K!!!! Give me a !!!!E!!!! Give me a !!!!S!!!! Whats is that??????


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1. cris 26/02/06 1:16

DIP, dei uma olhada aqui nas fotos, achei bacana, pena que tu teve que voltar. Senão, a gente ia se encontrar la, hehehe

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