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GOa TRance Lsita

Goa Gil’s Divine Dozen December 2004

Freaking on the Path – Cacao in for 6 ½ (Avatar Records)

KinDzaDza – Coming Soon (Disco Valley Records)

Vector Selector – Turn It Up (Dropout Records)

The Nommos – Insomnia (Vertigo Records)

Matutero – Pure Evil (Avatar Records)

Savage Scream – Deathbound [Bad Status] (Unreleased)

Dronebixie – Volentary Intoxications (Trishula Records)

Cosmo – Pussy Killer (Unreleased)

Dominator – Battle Angel (Avatar Records)

Psypeyote vs Jellyheadz – Spyko Aliens (Unreleased)

Datakult – Liquid Genocide (Nabi Records)

Quasar – Hoffman Overdrive (Doof Records)

Dylalien – If I Only Had a Brain (Avatar Records)

Special Chart for Mushroom Magazine sent October 2004:

KinDzaDza - Na Ostrov (Disco Valley Records)

Para Halu - Bug In Your Mind (Nabi Records)

The Meteloids - Bubble Skum (Parvati Records)

Brain Waves - Black Cat (Disco Valley Records)

Bug Funk - Cursed Death Remix (Elf Records)

Fractal Cowboys - Mega Jesus Of Evil (Mistress of Evil Records)

Grapes Of Wrath - 9v500ma (Parvati Records)

Azax Syndrom - Shijitzu (Disco Valley Records)

Entropy - Empty Handed Remix (Doof Records)

Freaking - Stick (Paradiso Records)

Goa Gil's Divine Dozen For June 2004

Kindzadza – Whats in the Box (Seraphana Records)

Psychotic Micro – Frankenstein (Chemical Crew Records)

Azax Syndrom vs. Winterdemon – Black Zodiac (Doof Records)

Osom – Overgame (Déjà vu Records)

Toxic – Violent (Parvati Records)

Seroxat – Mental Disorted (Disco Valley Records)

Xenomorph – Maladjusted Noise Experiments (Mistress of Evil Records)

Fungus Funk – Feelings (Déjà vu Records)

Digital Talk & Para Halu – Frogs on Lufi (Seraphana Records)

The Nommos – Eight Finger Funk (Avatar Records)

Ghreg on Earth – Chapel Perilous – (Mistress of Evil Records)

Penta – Fear (Unreleased)

Ocelot – Crank Your Socket (Unreleased

Goa Gil's Divine Dozen CDs For May 2004

KinDzaDza – “Waves from Outer Space” (Parvati Records)

V.A. – “Acid Mutants” (Disco Valley Records)

V.A. – “Deliver Us From Evil” (Seraphana Records)

V.A. – “Psychedelically Yours 2” (Parvati Records)

Digital Talk – “New Age Surf” (Acidance Records)

V.A. – “Zen 2” (Déjà Vu Records)

V.A. – “Lhiannon Sidhe” (Mistress of Evil Records)

V.A. – “Nocturne” (Disco Valley Records)

The Nommos – “Digitaria” (Avatar Records)

V.A. – “Potato Gun” (Insomniac Records)

V.A. – “there is no tomorrow” (Inpsyde Media)

V.A. – “orebro freak factory 3 (Stone Age Records)

V.A. – “electric shock treatment 1&2” (Doof Records)

Goa Gil's Divine Dozen for March 2004

The Nommos – In the Shadow – unreleased

KinDzaDza – Mars Bless U - Parvati Records

Psychotic Micro – Fright Night – Disco Valley Records

Azax Syndrom – Evil Force – Inpsyde Media

WinterDemon – Circus of Terror – Seraphana Records

Fungus Funk – Dis – Disco Valley Records

Equilibrium – Kif – unreleased

Freaking – Hypnosis – Seraphana Records

Mononoke & the Wolves – Roxx - Disco Valley Records

Fractal Cowboys – Alien Together Now – unreleased

Penta – Gone with the Wind – unreleased

Parasense – Speechwork (Azax Syndrom Remix) - unreleased

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