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The anti-Machiar comes from where?

The anti-Machiar comes from where?

The anti-Yahushua comes from the ethnic group of the descendants of Ishmael.
Flavus Josephus a name of honor bestowed by the Roman Emperor Titus, because Flavus had once said that he would be an emperor. His Semitic name was Yosef Ben Mattityahu. He witnessed the Roman attack on the temple. The orders of Rome were to overtake the (Jewish) Yahudim, but at that time Rome had in the ranks of its armies "contracted" soldiers who were in great number of Ishmaelites and Arabs.
In the fury of the attack this horde of "soldiers" (ancient enemies) of the Yahudins, attacked with great fury the temple putting fire. The Roman emperor gave orders to put out the fire and was simply ignored by these hordes of hired soldiers.
Rome had no custom to destroy the culture, language, and customs of defeated nations! These detachments of soldiers engaged and paid for by the Romans killed and with great fury set fire to the temple by destroying almost completely, standing only the side walls we now know as the wall of lamentations. Where do I want to go with this? In the prophecies it is written that the anti.Machiar will come not from peoples of Europe, West, not !! That anti.Machiar would come from the Ethiopia of the brothers of the Yahudins. Do you happen to know in this land where Satan lives ?! Read in Revelation 02; 13- I know your works and where you live, that where Satan's throne is. (mentioning the church of Pergamum) today the current Turkey located in Asia Minor.
Satan surrounds the earth and walks about it as we see in the book of Job, but he has a residence, where is it? In Pergamum or in present-day Turkey headed by the despot Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a Muslim from the radical wing of Islam and enemy of the Yahudins (Jews).
Turkey overthrew a Russian Mig these days ago and it came to nothing, the priest Francisco went to visit a mosque to the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, known as the Blue Mosque, but in silence without being able to pray inside it.
We see Francis's "human" respect in not stepping out of the band to have "problems" with Muslims.
In apocalispe 13 we note that Satan commissions power to the Muslim ecclesiastical authority of the pérgamo, the dragon (Satan) gave power to regional beast of Pérgamo.
I ask you:
Was the beast to come from Europe? From Rome? I do not think so. Rome is far from Pergamon.
In the place where the temple was the mosque of Al-Aqsa in Yahushaleym. Who would have the power to put it down for the rebuilding of the temple of the Yahudim? A European would not have the authority! Who would?
Answer: A Muslim Authority!
Everything fits and goes to the prophecies.
A leader will rise in Pergamum and fight against the Yahudim and against the worshipers of Machiar Yahushua.
The anti-Yahushua is the doors.
Let us watch and pray because the end will not be long.

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