16/12/04 - 21h:20mDenunciar

Eu e a La

Oi Gentem td bom??

Bom essa da foto é a minha prima a Lais

somos mt parecidas né!!!!!!


Prima você sabe que eu te amodoro muitooo né!!!

E que você é muito importante pra mim

Que ter como você como amiga e "prima" é uma honra pra mim

Prima essa é a letra da Música Genuine da Stacie Orrico

Aquela q vc qr

Stacie Orrico - Genuine

by Stacie Orrico

I see you passing by

I don't where

I don't know why

You choose to go the way that you're going now

You've been a friend of mine for many years for a long time,


You just aren't you today, so what's on your mind

You just won't speak abut it

think about it

be about it

Gotta make yourself aware that you're goin' astray

You're trying so hard to fit in


What you need is something genuine

What you want is something real

What you you need is something truthful

I know you do

'Cause I need it too..

What you need

What you want

What you need

Something Genuine.

You cry yourself to sleep

Sleep at night but once the night is gone

And you prepare to face a brand new day

YOu hide yourself behind that mastermind

You're in disguise

It's as if you try to put a mask on your pain

You Don't know who you are

What you're about

where are you now

You're becoming someone that you don't want to be

You're trying so hard to fit in...


He loves you for who you are now and who you will be

Don't fear living in truth there's reality

I don't have all the asnwers but I know One who does

And I know there's freedom and truth

I got to Him because


What He has is something genuine

Who He is is someone real

What He gives is something truthful

Its what He has its Who he is

Its what He gives

And I need Him too

What you need

I Need Him Too

What you want

What you need

Something genuine.

Se quiserem saber mais sobre essa mulher q eu amo mt


E gentem será q podemos comentar aki!!!

Adoro voces bjusss

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