29/01/08 - 14h:54mDenunciar

hateen / 404 not found

Connections made

Feelings start to fade away

You can´t hear my voice but you can read my words

(one more cigarrete) and I still have nothing left

nothing less, nothing more ..

just the same as yesterday

double clicking my emotions

(I´m trying to set up my life again)

trying to set up my life

I´m feeling like I´m lost inside myself

I´ve got nothing but myself

Again ..

Seems it´s all you really want

But it´s less than you deserve

Seems it´s all you really need

But you just growing just another seed

To increase hate, sorrow, pain and loneliness

Then lost losts and lost friends will never come back again

My friend ..

You wish that it could be the end

(404 not found again)

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