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Ian Curtis

Vou usar uma frase do batera Paulo Lima: "Essa foto é uma poesia". Às vezes me sinto assim...saudades de ouvir Joy Division.

Aí vai uma música que tem a ver com a foto...

Joy Division - Isolation

In fear every day, every evening

It calls here aloud from above

Carefully watched for a reason

Mistaking devotion and love

Surrendered to self-preservation

From others who care for themselves

A blindness that touches perfection

Appears just like anything else

Isolation - isolation - isolation

Mother I tried, please believe me

I'm doing the best that I can, I'm ashamed of the things

I've been put through; I'm ashamed of the person I am

But if you could just see the beauty

These things I could never discribe

This is my one consolation

This is my wonderful prize

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