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† __ Christina Scabbia __ - __ Lacuna Coil __ †

E ae povo, frmz?

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Só essa montagem q eu já tô a moh era fazendo da linda e gostosa cantora do Lacuna Coil - Christina Scabbia

[ Fikou bm Tristania neh, + frmz! ]

Valew pelos coments!

Tá ae a Crushed Dreams [ Trsitania! + essa foto tah mto cara Trsitania ] ::

Tristania - Crushed Dreams

by Tristania

You choke a scream

Crushing a dream

Made the scheme real

Show this sinner your precious god

Lift the blame off my shoulders

With a simple thought

Show me life's pleasure

And how it is caught

Not just the air I breathe

Or the dream I forgot...

The last smile

The last word

It's time to face the final outcome

The pagan

The godless deeds



Your vacuum made complete



Preparing for death

Awaiting the light to shine on us

Wishing the sun to fall down on our heads

Show us the joy in the world that we're living in

Turn our dreams into sin

Your first breath

The far tolls

It's you these bells were made to call for

The pagan

The godless deeds



The last hypocrisy

Walk the path

The shining path

Lift this prayer to heaven's heights

Feed my mind with the most glorious thoughts

Sacrificing all my dreams

For this I will serve and honour to death

Or do I just fear the tyrant's wrath


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