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Palavras do famoso blog cancelado, da Heather!!!!

o que ela escreveu foi em relação ao Vincent Gallo e a Cory Kennedy (garota pela qual a ela foi trocada)
Ms. Christie's blog (verbatim):
gallo has a crush on a girl that wears (with pride) a guns and roses
tshirt. what the fuck has the world come to? so besides the obvious
(wanting to kill myself) i'm doing alright.
i have to also point out my level of disgust (Disgust is an emotion,
typically associated with things that are perceived as unclean or
inedible. In The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals, Charles
Darwin wrote that disgust refers to something revolting. Primarily in
relation to the sense of taste, as actually perceived or vividly
imagined; and secondarily to anything which causes a similar feeling.
Through the sense of smell, touch, and even of eyesight. Disgust is one
of the basic emotions of Robert Plutchik's theory of emotions. Disgust
may be further subdivided into physical disgust, associated with
physical or metaphorical uncleanness, and moral disgust, a similar
feeling related to courses of action. Antonyms to disgust are sympathy
and also liking.)
not only do i feel like this man is putting on this little show just to
make me vomit, he couldn't be doing a worse job. for someone who has
been dubbed "the ass master" gallo sure has steered himself down a path
of asslessness. for those of you who have had a visual refference of
his latest attempt at a conquest, you will know what i'm talking about.
no butt. even after disappointing him in every way possible... he still
says i have "the best butt"
(i'm sure he says this to everyone. i am no fool, but still.) so you
can imagine his regret to tell me she is "cute as a button", have me
hang up the phone, go on and anti-gallo rampage, and for him to never
grab my butt again. we saw each other just a few days later and i
actually told him to "go away" after he sat down next to me and tried
to strike up a conversation. he has offically fucked himself. also, for
him to spend the last 9 months telling me in detail the way he acts
after being heartbroken... his coping mechanisms... how to tell if he
is really over someone or just trying to numb himself, and then to act
in a way that screams insecurity and loss as described by him, is sad
yet hilarious to me. also, to spend 9 months explaining in detail the
"type" of girl he likes and doesn't like... the way they have to dress,
groom themselves, carry themselves, the type of hair he likes, the
smell he likes, the attitude, etc... and then to make believe and lie
about liking her. i have never seen someone so desperate to hurt my
feelings. yes, she has brown hair. BUT, she smokes, she wears (see
above), she probably shaves her pussy, she is a "party girl", and her
name is enough to make him gag on a normal day. on the contrary.... she
is 16. young and impressionable. easy for her to fall in love and never
stray. he can teach her "the gallo way". (how to read a map, how to
make a deal, how to take a slap to the face.) he'll be able to shower
her with gifts (all of which she will be forced to give back if they
break up). he can tell her they'll get married and have kids so she
feels like the special one. he can kiss her on the mouth while she
thinks about how jealous her exboyfriend would be.
i am not an idiot. i know you vincent. i even know that this was
probably the easiest way for you to get out of a relationship with me.
just tell me you love someone else. well, it worked. i'm obviously
writing all this because i'm pissed. i shouldn't be reacting like this.
i know. i'm an adult. but i feel like i worked way too hard to be your
friend. to look out for you. to understand you. to be forgiving and
loving and be there for you no matter what. you showed me that you
didn't care about any of that. what a disappointment.

and with that said (all jealousy and bitterness aside) a word to
whoever thinks "i'm different/ he loves me more/ he's changed/ etc"...
he's lovely, go for it.

****END OF RANT****

Bem, foi isso, quem acessa o lovekiedis há um tempo sabe q eu já comentei desse polêmico blog.

E sobre a foto, a Sunny tá mt linda, né? Como ela tá diferente...

*Red Hot Chili Kisses ;*

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