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la vem o grmeio pronto pra c tri campeao


Tens of thousands welcome Inter home

(REUTERS) 19 Dec 2006

Tens of thousands of people lined the streets of Porto Alegre to welcome home FIFA Club World Cup champions Internacional on Tuesday.

Internacional, who stunned Barcelona 1-0 in Japan on Sunday to win the trophy, arrived in Sao Paulo early on Tuesday morning after flying via Paris.

As the team's plane pulled up to the terminal, team captain Fernandao leaned out of the cockpit window holding the trophy and a huge Internacional flag.

The team then boarded a charter flight to Porto Alegre, which landed at a nearby military base.

After being met by local politicians, the players climbed on to two fire engines and began the journey of around 15 kilometres to the club's Beira-Rio (Riverside) stadium.

Despite the summer heat, thousands of delirious Inter fans lined the streets of the city -- capital of the Brazil's southern most state of Rio Grande do Sul -- and a capacity 50,000 crowd was expected at the stadium.

Inter emulated their local rivals Gremio, who won the same competition in 1983.

o seja o inter se igualo ao rival gremio o seja o sit oficial da fifa dis que o gremio tambem e campeao do mundu intao calao se seus colorados imundus \o/ hehehe fuix

a fonte sit ofisial da fifa



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