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/me mostrando a minha camisa linda do manson †

Bom, vou postar essa foto pq duas pessoas me disseram q gostaram.. Hj o OragenMOnster me disse q eh a minha foto preferida dele.. x) e o Bruno .. tmb disse o mesmo.. tae.. espero q gostem tmb..Apesar de eu particularmente naum ter gostado mto.. ehhehe mas relevem.. to com TMP hj :( normalz..cês mulheres me entendem neh?

¤Eu naum vejo a hora de ir pra manaus;

¤Eu naum vejo a hora, de me sentir mais feliz;

¤Eu keru um pouco de liberdade;

¤E keru um pouco de paz tmb...


Portrait Of A Deadly Nightshade

Here the cries form (the) dying mankind

In the garden of unholy ground

Whispering voices, summoning screams

Appearing shadows on my face

Far away in the dark fading light

As the ravens cry

And the pleasure of night will arrive

To fight the scarlet sky

See the sky

When angels fly

Hear their screaming pain

Out of the dark

When they leave

Her kingdom light

Soldiers of the night

The demons fight

As darkness falls upon thy face

Whispers in the dark

Swallowing the moonlight sky

The guardians of the night

Draped in sinister pain

Captured in sin

On battlefields of ancient time

The ending life begins

Upon my self

Awaken from hell

Spreading it wings

Crying out loud

The bleeding eyes of death

Forgotten realms

Under the moon

Standing in fear

Ebony tears

Symphonies in blood

Symphonies in blood

¤ Essa musica eh mto linda ;)

¤Gi, Nay, Ana, Pam amigas :**********

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