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Dimmu borgir

Dæeeeeeee tipo dimmu eh muito foda sem komentarios kurto muito ih so uma coisa vlwwww a gelra que comentou æeeee tipo fuiiiii

Nocturnal Fear

Dimmu Borgir

Obscurity hides the plateau

Stars darken in their place

Nanna's glowing above

Illuminates the silent scenery


Seven they are Yezidi's call

Aeon of night Eager to Prevail

From the mountains of dawn they cry

The call of the frantic god

From the womb of mother earth they scream

The wage of creation and sin

("The sleeping lord awakes

Tiamat pulls at her chains,

The blind phantom rages

Azag Thoth howls

Vibrations at the black ether's edge

As nocturnal fear penetrates the land

Ecstatical celebrations at their zenith

The seven sharpen their claws...")

Winds emerge from the east

Deep, dark water moves

Even the cold it don eclipses

When they adore the dog-faced beast


As they admit the infernal tide

The eye on the throne derides

The old gods and their tribes

in chaos Tiamat laughs pride...


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