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+Why the sky is purple grey?+



A Haunting Vision of Truth

I take in the sights and hate what I have seen.

Broken words,unspoken silence.

Missing the darkness,welcoming the light.

Listen to the souls call,from the dark reach,your sanity will fall.

I sit in a space,all cold and black,

nothingness to fill my time,yet,nothing do I lack.

Sending me this vision,spirits dancing in the night.

Sending me this vision,that is always at the edge of my sight.

Dear spirits,tell me what this vision might hold.

Could it be a dream,or a legend not yet told.

I think that my tears are from another time.

Tears cried long ago,from my ancient eyes.

(A tribute to my friend:)

Christopher Robert Stewart

Copyright ©2004 Christopher Robert Stewart



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