15/02/08 - 00h:25mDenunciar

Thank's for all!!!!

Thank's for make me laugh when I just wanna cry. Thank's to teach me everything you know even knowing that some times I get so stupid and don't wanna hear you. Thank's to your support. Thank's to be aways stand by my side.

Thank's to tell me aways the truth, no matter how good or how bad it is. Thank's to put all of your dreams on my hands and thank's to trust on me and believe that I am the right person for you. Thank's for your friendship and thank's to give all the love I need.

I also thank you to be a part of my live and for make me the happiest woman in the world.

You are the one who have the first position on my heart, right beside Thauany.

My love for you is the same size of the universe.

Love is forever.

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